Homepage: The Citizen’s Dividend Party

[Win-Win: Civilisation’s Next Progression!]



Foundational Pledge:

‘Almost Every Australian Citizen will Directly be Better-Off and Australian Society will absolutely be Better-Off.’

That is:

  1. Australian Citizens:
    1. Every Citizen will be eligible to receive well in excess of $19,000 a year.
    2. Every Citizen who wants a job can get one.
    3. Unpaid Carers, Scientists, Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Writers, Amateur Sportspeople, Students etc. can live minimally without being forced into paid work.
  2. Australian Society:
    1. Social trust and cohesion will be maximised.
    2. The economy will be far better – stronger and far more efficient.
    3. Government spending on Health, Education, Environment, Defence etc. is not only increased but its effectiveness is also vastly improved.


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As of the 4th of March, 2019 The Citizen’s Dividend Party has 25 registered supporters.